Redemption Bay

In REDEMPTION BAY, an American diplomat risks his career, marriage, and life to search for his son’s remains in the chaos of post-Castro Cuba. On the verge of sacrificing it all, he learns that the child, by some miracle, may still be alive.

Vincent Lucius gets recalled to Washington after losing his seven-year-old in a windsurfing accident off Cuba’s north coast. With his marriage fraying and his older son refusing to believe his little brother drowned, Vincent finagles a solo diplomatic assignment back to strife-torn Cuba. His day job is attempting to prevent the outbreak of civil war. At night he haunts the morgues. Within a few months, the U.S. ambassador banishes him for disregarding embassy priorities. Vincent is boarding the flight home when he hears of a boy resembling his son who drifted onto a remote barrier island. At the risk of alienating his wife and getting bounced from the foreign service, he pursues this murky hope across Cuba’s dangerous terrain. An informant tips off a vengeful real estate mogul whose plans Vincent had thwarted. The child’s fate hinges on who finds him first.



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