Dog’s Breakfast

A wily diplomat, with decades of experience manipulating the powerful, versus the idealistic daughter of Indian immigrants on her second embassy posting. A fair contest? He had no idea who he was tangling with.

Embassy second-in-command Andy Pulano is in love — heart-skipping, doe-eyed love — with his career. But his posting in remote Vodaynia, a mini-state as dysfunctional as it is inconsequential, offers only the flimsiest of platforms for advancement. That changes the morning the ambassador’s labrador, the victim of an apparent poisoning, vomits into his owner’s favorite tasseled loafers.

Tara Zadani didn’t join the diplomatic service to become a pet detective. But the conniving Pulano, determined to undermine the ambassador, privately tasks her with finding out what happened. Tara adds this to her to-do list, which includes managing staff housing, overseeing the motor pool, and having a life. Which becomes a lot more interesting with the arrival of a tall Danish schoolteacher.

The dog recovers quickly but the reverberations from the incident spiral out of control, setting Tara on a collision course with Pulano’s passion for promotion.

Dog’s Breakfast contains no additives or filler.